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Feature request: keyboard shortcuts for iPad



My entire first semester of college has been dependent on Evernote. I love the interface, and I'm proud to be a user. Unfortunately, my only machine is my 15" MacBook Pro, which is really heavy in my backpack. I'd like to continue taking notes with Evernote, but on an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard to lighten the load on my back. I've been playing with Evernote on my moms iPad Mini and I'm incredibly disappointed to see most keyboard shortcuts don't work. In fact, none of them do, including Bold and Underline. The only way the basics (bold, italics, underline) work is if I go back and highlight text. When I'm having my professor talk a million miles an hour, I can't be backtracking! I also can't stop typing to move my hands to press the buttons on the screen. I should be able to hit cmd+u and have the next letter I type be underlined.


Then I definitely need bullet point lists for classes like physics, where one topic has multiple points to it. Given the basics don't work, it should'nt be a surprise that this doesn't work, even when the text is highlighted. Is there any way we can get Mac shortcuts baked into the iOS version? I feel it'd be appropriate, especially with the iPad Pro coming. I played with that today and saw keyboard shortcuts from OS X in Safari are also in iOS, and my moms mini does the same. I feel there's no reason Evernote should'nt do the same. I feel others could also benefit from this.



Tyler M.

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