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Linking Notes

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I know there is not a suggestion spot for Evernote so I am putting my suggestions here. 


I think that you should be able to connect between notes easier. At work, I have a lot of relate-able content with different clients and I want to be able to put a symbol or something and then start typing the name of my note, kind of like tagging someone or hash-tagging (#notename, @notename, <note name>), and it automatically bring up the list of your notes as you type. Another suggestion would just be to have a right click option to link to note and then be able to pick directly which note to link rather than copy and past link notes back and forth.  


 Also, I work with PCs at work and I have a Apple at home. The capability with Outlook on a PC to directly send your emails to Evernote is outstanding. It has the option in the menu bare for you. However, in the Mail for Apple, there is no option directly in the program itself. It isn't that much of a hassle to copy and paste the email, but I would enjoy the convenience. 


I think the interface of the Evernote is a little too simple and it limits the capabilities of the program. I love it and I will continue to use it. I just hope that they continue to update and reface it to have better capabilities. 

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