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webclipper with firefox


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I love the concept behind evernote and even more with webclipper. I decided to try it out for a while to see if it would be worth upgrading. Well, webclipper worked for a while and lately it isn't clipping pages anymore, nor articles. I went along clipping pages not realizing they were not being clipped even though the web clipper stated they were added to my evernote. It's like they were bookmarked not clipped and I have always selected to have the article clipped. If I want to bookmark something I don't use webclipper.   Why would anyone pay for an upgrade if it doesn't work right. I have mozilla and the webclipper addon. I've seen in forums posted a 6.1 version but when I try to update it says there's no update. Firefox only shows 6.0......  Your online help section is not helpful at all to resolve this so I am very frustrated
Any help to get this working again or do I forget about evernote?

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