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One thing I'd like to chime in on;

For many years, I was a very enthusiastic user of Info Select. So much so that I took every opportunity to try and convince other people they should be using it.

The problem that Info Select had, and that caused me to switch to EverNote, was that over the years, Info Select became very bloated and *very* expensive. My feeling was that features were added and changes were made "just because". Don't get me wrong; some new or changed features were useful, but many were not, except maybe to a few people.

I truly love EverNote now, not just because of it's reasonable pricing, but because it's functionality seems to be well-thought out and well-implemented. I have no desire to try anything else.

I guess my point is that I hope EverNote doesn't follow a similar path that Info Select did (over bloating and overpricing).

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