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Feature Request: Comments functionality for shared notes


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I use EN extensively for my Humanities class. One feature that is surprisingly missing is the ability to share a note and leave comments/feedback directly in the note without impacting the original note. Since we do a lot of writing and essays, etc. in my class, I would love the option to open their shared notes, highlight a sentence (for example), and add a comment complimenting them on how well they showed character traits in that one line. 


Instead, I have to totally alter their note, change the font color and/or add my initials, etc. to leave my comments. A simple but incredibly powerful comment function can be found in Google Docs. If EN implemented something like that, you're just one step closer to truly dominating this realm. Evernote can truly act as a "portfolio" in essence for students as they move from grade to grade. However, the sharing functionality, not to mention version history, is truly lacking. Yes, we can share some notes and notebooks. But the collaboration and discussion within the note is simply not there unless you want to totally edit the original note. This becomes rather clunky as my students read my feedback, make their changes, and eventually delete my comments so they're out of the way before publishing. Sure, I could have them create another "publishing" note but wow, talk about a missed opportunity for making it seamless for students and teachers.


Think about it. A shared note with a history of comments/discussion regarding the contents, PLUS the ability to quickly review/compare different versions of the note over time. Parents, teachers, and students would flip if you could show that sort of growth/progression. Google has you beat here and I'd strongly suggest you take a look at how seamless this functionality is and simply copy. :)

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