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I'm constantly watching YouTube videos and transcribing (manually or typing) what is said, but it takes me a lot of time and energy. Than I've wondered: wouldn't it be nice if Evernote had a transcript (checkbox) feature when clipping from YouTube videos? For me it would be awesome, a productivity boost! And I believe that for many other people too: so that we could highlight and find the important information of the video through the search feature.


YouTube already have a transcription feature (when it have subtitles) that could be extracted to evernote. And it would be nice to keep some "time tags" (with hyperlinks) to go to the specific part of the video that contains the written information.


TED Talks have a interesting transcription system, too; and it would be nice if it had the same features (preset) that Evernote Clipper offers on YouTube.


That's it. Thanks.

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