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Feature Request - Plus Button widget



Have started using the new Evernote widget.  Here is a feature request and a small grumble.


What would be really cool is give us a widget button that is the + button we have in the evernote app.  Imagine that on the homescreen where you just hit the plus widget and it presents all the options for entering a new note.  It seems a no brainer that I wonder if this can actually be done.


My grumble about the new widget is that under each of the widget icons it place the text of my default notebook and as I have 4 different evernote widget buttons on my home page the same text is repeated.  It would be better to put a title for the widget eg. camera or qnote or text or write.


Also the new widget only provide the evernote action button which when place on home screen you can change to which ever option you prefer.  This is not obvious at all and I imagine users who don't have time to experiment and figure it out would just give up thinking they no longer have evernote widget functions.


Food for thought


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