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Evernote cancels shutdown/restart of your Mac every time? Solve it!

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Sometimes you need to restart your Mac. Or even shut down. And the process can become a real hurdle, because of some annoying apps, that interrupts it with stupid popups. Sounds familiar?


Evernote and Skitch are one of these apps.


I would like to show you a script, that solves this problem once for all :)

Basically, this script murders these stupid apps before they even open a mouth!


  1. You need some plain text editor. If you don't have such, just download and open TextWrangler from AppStore;
  2. Open new file(File > New) and paste there these 3 lines:
    #!/bin/bashkillall Skitchkillall Evernote
  3. Save it in Documents folder with name logout.sh (make sure there is no anything at the end except .sh no .rtf or something like that);
  4. Open Terminal app;
  5. Paste in a Terminal:
    sudo chmod +x ~/Documents/logout.sh

    and press Enter. If it will ask you for your password, type it and press Enter;

  6. Paste:
    sudo defaults write com.apple.loginwindow LogoutHook ~/Documents/logout.sh

    and press Enter;



That's it! Basically, we just created the script that hates annoying apps and force quit it on logout (restart & shut down).

Feel free to add in script other apps and imagine how these apps are being murdered without right to talk while you restarting :)

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