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Craigslist: Clipping All Photos and Contact Info

Spicy ITC

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For Craigslist postings, is there a way to have the Web Clipper clip all the photos and the contact info?


I'd really like to have all the photos in a Craigslist posting to be brought full size into the Evernote database. I've had one web clipping that switched to Simplified Article and clipped all 21 photos. But even when I went back to that posting, it only clipped 1 photo. I'm now seeing on other pages that three or so photos will be clipped.


Craigslist hides the posters contact info behind a button and text blockers. If the button is clicked, part of the posting is blocked. So after my clip of the whole post, I click the button and select the contact text to clip separately. I then do a merge. It would be great if this could be done automatically.

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