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Web Clipper not clipping ALL of recipe



I'm running OS X 10.9.5. I first found this bug in Web Clipper for Chrome and duplicated it in Web Clipper for Safari.


If you clip this recipe from the NY Times using simplified article




the "3 eggs" is missed completely, "1/8 teaspoon salt" is changed to "teaspoon", etc.


I started using Web Clipper when Evernote required a premium version for posting by email. I am going to have to go back to manually cutting and pasting into Evernote until this is fixed (if ever).

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Evernote web clipper on Chrome ......what has happened?


Clipping Facebook posts, via clip article, show a dogs breakfast in my EN desktop folder. 


Previously it was the exact same format / scheme / color as the FB post.


Now it looks like a web page from the late 90's, basic text, unformatted, blue text for links which are not clickable.


I've sent a tickets some two weeks ago and still have not had a response.


Please address issue EN.






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