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(Archived) Feature Request: capability of linking notes with other apps



There are several Mac Applications that can receive (via drag and drop) Apple's Mail messages or todos. It is desirable that an user can use the same thing with Evernote.

Example: I use a Todo management program that I can drag and drop a message from the Apple's Mail application on it. Than, a link to the message get created into it. So, next time that I come back to the Todo, I can click at the link and the mail application get opened and shows the message.

Desirable behavior: I can work on a note in Evernote and just drag and drop it into the Todo management program, so I will be able to just click on it and Evernote gets opened and I can access the note.

Thanks in advance,


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A very popular request and exactly the reason why I periodically scope out this forum, as well as beta-testing Evernote. I keep checking back, hoping I can see something like this, which is the last key thing Evernote needs to become my universal in-box.

Here's another thread on the subject, which quickly turns into people requesting the ability to drag and drop Evernote docs into Omnifocus. I'm a "Things" user myself, and reaaaaally want to see this.


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