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Accounting Files for my Clients and Security


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I am a CPA and have been working toward going paperless for many years (scanning).  I now have everything scanned and continue to scan new items daily to keep the paper down.  


Secondly I have been a user of Evernote for several years and I love it.  But I have not become comfromtable enough with the idea of storing client information in my EN account.  Which is a huge limitation for me as I believe it could be my Shangri-La.  


The idea of being able to walk to the front of the office, pick up something from a client dropping it by, turning around heading back to my office and drop it on the scanner sending it directly to EN then dropping it in the shred box and being able to tag it for @next or whatever it might be, would be life altering.


BUT, much of this information is only for my eyes and the client.  And if I began putting all of my client files in a system like this it could be not so good.  So I haven't because of what appear to be limitation in the encryption of the data.  I understand that I can encrypt portions of the document but if I had to do that I'd rather just keep the paper.  


I have read on here that many people store their own tax returns in EN.  But it's different when you have a responsibility to others and so I have stayed away.


So my question is is there anyone who has already been down this road with EN and if so what did you find or decide? And am I incorrect about my understanding of the security offered with EN?


Thanks for any help you can provide.







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