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Web Clipper not installing properly


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I am running Web Clipper ver. 6.1 for Firefox (ver. 39.0) on an iMac with OS X Yosemite (ver. 10.10.4). When I install Web Clipper 6.1, the Clipper icon appears on my toolbar. However, when I close Firefox then reopen it, the Clipper icon is missing and Web Clipper is no longer listed under my Firefox add-on extensions. So, in order to use the Clipper, I have to reinstall it every time I restart Firefox. I had this same problem with Web Clipper ver. 6.0.15.


Any solutions?



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I, too, am running Webclipper 6.1 on my Firefox browser. The Clipper icon disappears after few hours from the toolbar.

This is soooooooooooooo frustrating. I use the clipper all the time and reinstalling it every few hours is ridiculous.

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I don't have the problem of the Clipper disappearing over time; it happens only after I close and restart Firefox. The partial solution I use until this is fixed is to pin the tab in Firefox where you download and install the Clipper. This makes reinstalling a little easier but still a PITA.

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