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Evernote Usability Issues

Fred Fourcher


I am using Outlook on a Macbook Pro running Yosemite 10.10.3. Also using Outlook for Mac version 15.3. and have the following issues with Evernote. 

  1. When a phone number is highlighted in a business card then right clicked on a Mac, upon the right click it highlights the name instead. I right click the number to dial using our Shoretel system and this totally messes me up having to cut and paste every time I want to call someone. 
  2. When the scanning app does not sense a company name or an address there is no way to enter this informaiton later in the Mac application.
  3. in the share drop down, you took away e-mail note. I now have to go to the note on the top dialog bar to find it.
  4. Difficult to e-mail a note to someone - it should pop up Outlook and mail from there, not stay within your app. 
  5. The e-mail function does not work with Outlook for Mac contacts. it picks up random contacts and simply does not have the e-mail people use. 
  6. On the iPhone you are not prompted to select a notebook to scan business cards into. Most people do not know to go to the settings and set up a notebook for business cards. They just assume it will scan to “business cards”.
  7. Not obvious how to search within a note, put a search icon on the top of a note and when clicked it does the same as command F.
  8. Cannot save a business card directly into Outlook contacts on the Mac or just export a card as a V card to a directory on your local machine. 
  9. Scanning the back side of a business card should be available at the same time you are scanning the front, not going back into the process and selecting edit.
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