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ENScript Enhancements


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I would like to propose the updating of the ENScript utility on windows for the following:

  1. Allow for the listing of notebooks other than just "sync" and "local. For instance, why can we not see a listing of our joined/linked notebooks?
  2. Allow for the importing of notes into linked/joined notebooks for which we have the appropriate edit privileges for. 
  3. Allow for the deleting of notes from notebooks we own or have access to.  I realize there are some sticky points to this in that there are no unique title restrictions on notes.  However, this is a sorely missed feature for power users wishing to automate EN through ENScript.
  4. When exporting, it would be nice to know the difference between a true error, and just and empty result set.  For instance, when attempting to export from a specific notebook that doesn't exist, I would expect that to be an error.  However, if the notebook exists, but is empty, IMO this shouldn't be an error.  Currently, there is no way to tell the difference as both scenarios return an exit code of 1 and no data.


Other related updates:


In light of the suggestions above in regard to linked/joined notebooks.  I would recommend enforcing unique notebook name constraints across all notebooks.  Currently, a linked/joined notebook and a synced/local notebook can exist with the same name. 



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