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Monthly Allowance used up even though only adding 5 Web Clips


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Has the monthly allowance gone down on the Basic package when adding notes to Evernote via Web Clipper?

I only use Evernote via Web Clipper to keep a note of webpages, adding 1-4 tags to each page.

I currently have just over 2000 notes.

However, of late I am using my monthly allowance up in almost one day even though I may only be adding 5-10 notes.

I have changed my sync-settings from automatic to manual and only sync at the end of the day but not made any difference.

It's just curious as I used to add loads of notes 2-3 times a week with it automatically sync-ing and never got anywhere near the free monthly allowance.


Does sync-ing only add the new notes or is it uploading all the notes which may be using up the memory?


I don't mind upgrading to Premium if needs be but don't want to be in a similar position if I'm uploading everything all the time.


Any advice gratefully received.


With many thanks


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