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Chromebook app

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I'm using a Chromebook Pixel and have downloaded the "Evernote" app (which is different from "Evernote Web" app which is just shortcut to Evernote website).  I'm not sure which subforum to post my questions on since there is no forum for Chrome OS / chromebooks.


The app window opens to be about 1/4 of my screen. Clicking on the topbar doesn't do anything. Hovering over sides of window don't give any options to resize. Looking through the settings, I can't see anything that allows changing the size of the window. Using keyboard shortcut to maximize window does nothing. Is there any way to change window size - preferable to maximize?


I've tried using the app for 5 minutes and another issue I noticed is trying to select text. Even though I'm using a laptop (aka have keyboard, mouse, etc), it's seems to be treating it like a tablet/phone. The only way to select text is my double clicking on word and then having to click to move the little blue notches to startpoint and endpoint. Since this is a computer, I want to be able to use it like a computer. Furthermore, the only thing that can be done to selected text is copy/paste - there is no way to bold, italics or change color of text.


I'd love to use the Chromebook app instead of the website - the layout is better & for offline purposes. However, with these issues, the app gets annoying pretty quick. Are there some setting or something I've overlooked? I saw the blog post from half a year ago, so Evernote says they support Chromebooks ... are there any plans to fix these issues (which from what I can tell have been around since the time the app has been around)? Or is the solution not to use Chromebooks?



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Yea, this is a pretty significant downside - I don't know if its an issue on other chromebooks but its very difficult to use the app for its intended purposes when I cant resize it and have it side by side with another app when Im researching.

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