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Update: Can't share just one page anymore?


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One of the features that I used most often with Penultimate was keeping a notebook for each of my students. (I actually bought my iPad just to use this app!) Within each notebook, I would have a page for each lesson and it used to be very easy to share just one page with the student by e-mailing it to them. Now it seems that I can only send the whole note which they are not reading and don't want to download a whole notebook each week. I've had to resort to making a screenshot and then sharing it with the student. Has anybody figured out how to send just one page from within the app? Or is there a way to get back to the old version without the scrolling? Or has anybody found another app that functions the way Penultimate used to? I'm very unsatisfied with this latest update.

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I had the same problem. You can still send 1page out of a note but you have to do it from Evernote where your penultimate notes are synced to. In Evernote go into your note and tap on a page you want to email, tap on the share icon and you can email the page.

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I have the same problem. I just updated Pentultimate yesterday (I knew Imshouldn't have),and now cannot share just one page out of a notebook. What used to be a useful yet simple app is now eating up my time trying to figure it out. I'm ready to scrap it and the very confusing Evernote app, which doesn't have enough storage for all my saved notes. grrrrrr

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Is there an answer to this post from Evernote?

This seems like a pretty simple addendum. I use it for my students as well and used to send their lesson notes/photos/jottings mostly for parents. Not being able to share a page directly from this app seems wantonly complicated of the Evernote team.

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