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How can I disable "Hi-Res" when dragging images? (SOLVED)

Dan York

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SOLVED!  As noted in the second image included below, there is a "Hi-Res" choice on the list of formats you can choose when dragging an image.  At some point I must have inadvertently turned this on by choosing it from the drop-down menu.   Turning it off was a simple matter of going down the menu and clicking on "Hi-Res" again to "un-check" the option.   Problem solved!


Hopefully this will help anyone else who, like me, missed the existence of this option on the drop-down menu)


------- Original post ------


I'm a long-time (pre-Evernote-acquisition) user of Skitch and am using the current version 2.7.6 (263759) on Mac OS X 10.10.2.  Lately I've found that after taking a screenshot that is, say, 200x100, when I then drag it and drop it into an app or website (ex. WordPress) it gets set to have a size of double the dimensions, i.e. 400x200.


This results in a pixelated image that normally doesn't fit with what I want.  I took the screenshot at 200x100 because I *wanted* it that size.


I'm including a screenshot below... and in doing so I'm seeing the exact problem!  The image as captured (and when I go into the crop/resize area) is 803x646 ... but what I just dropped into this topic is a huge 1664x1310.


[UPDATE: For whatever reason when I went to save the topic, it would not let me include the image.  I'm now attaching the image I was talking about where I point out the HiRes button at the bottom and the doubled image size.]


I see at the lower right corner that there is a "Hi-Res" sort of "button" down there and then the doubled dimensions next to it.


How do I turn this off?  I haven't found any way I can change that "Hi-Res" setting in the lower right corner.  I can't click on it or ctrl-click or anything.  I've not found anything in the tools menu or preferences.


I feel like I'm missing something simple here... any ideas?








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I'll add the comment that this also occurs when I drag out to the Mac OS X desktop.  For example, the image in Skitch in the screenshot (the ICANN 53 logo) is 210x114.  When I drag it to the desktop, it comes out as 420x228.  When I then open it in Preview, it is a pixelated double-size image.

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