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New web (beta) version is unusable



I just want to give you my opinion about the new web interface (beta version).


Can you guys read a very light grey text on white background?!

I can't! And I don't have any vision disability!

There's simply no contrast between the elements!

And I'm forced to increase the lightness of my screen to be able to see things clearly!!


There is a lot of white and wasted space, and no distinction between the elements (eg no distinction between the list of notes with a selected note and the actual area that corresponds to the note editor, it's all white and I barely notice what note is selected).


There's also no distinction between the actual contents on the page (the notes) and the actual elements that belong to the web page (e.g. the sort options of the list have the same text, same color, same background as the list elements themselves).


And how about the little light grey clock and the other clickable elements on the note editor?! Can a new user know that those elements are buttons to click?

I'm sorry but you took this sick flat UI to an extreme!


You removed drag and drop...


You are also hiding all the note editor buttons when I have lots of free space on my screen! Why?!

In general I think this is a really unusable interface, and if you drop the old web interface, I have no choice but to stop using Evernote :(


Thank you. Andre

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