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Moving notes between notebooks created by different users (NOT premium user)

SBS Morgan


I have scoured the forums for tips on moving notes between two notebooks that have different creators but are shared/joined notebooks. I see a bunch of replies that recommend dragging and dropping notes or clicking the notebook title tab at the top of note which should allow you to change where a note is located.


However, Nothing happens when I attempt to drag a note from one notebook to the left notebook list column to place it in a different notebook. Additionally, there are no "move note" options when I right-click on the note using a Mac. I tested it out and am able to move notes between my own personal notebooks but still cannot perform this function between two joined notebooks of which I am a part. The creators of each of these two notebooks gave me editing privileges but I still cannot move notes between the two. Is this something only premium users can do or am I missing something with editing privileges? Are there multiple privileges in addition to editing notes to be checked off when you create a joined notebook? Needing to perform some organizational tasks for a project and am frustrated that I can't move notes between our shared notebooks!!!


Thanks in advance!

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