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Firefox sidebar add-on: the endless ribbon

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I used Evernote before the web service. Remember the "endless ribbon"? I also make good use of the sidebar in Firefox for things other than bookmarks and history--RSS feeds being a good example. Plus, I use a little sidebar add-on named list-it, which has sort of an "endless ribbon" of its own.


What would be really nice to have is an Evernote Sidebar for Firefox (and, I suppose, other browsers that provide a sidebar?) that focuses on creating small, searchable notes in an "endless ribbon" format that could as desired be sync'd with one's Evernote account. Frankly, it would be much like list-it but with syncing to a site where I already have an account and in which at least a little time and effort have been invested (aka Evernote) over the years.


The key features: Simplicity. Endless ribbon. Local notebook. Firefox sidebar. Simplicity(!). Syncs with Evernote account. Searchable (with, optionally, saved searches). Firefox sidebar(!). Simplicity(!!). Endless ribbon(!!!!).


"Simplicity" = dead simple interface with only and forever the basic features (create a note [minimal formatting for basic text], edit a note, delete a note, print a note, sync the notebook with Evernote). That's about it.


How does that sound?

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