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Evernote and Livescribe 3 for OCR'd noted in Evernote

Duc Hunter

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I have bene searching for a way to be able to sit in a meeting and take notes on a note pad, and yet be able to have those notes in a txt/digitized format in Evernote. I want to do this for a few reasons...I tend to remember thing better when I have had to hand write them vs type, and I think it is far less obtrusive to sit in a meting and take notes on a pad then type on a laptop or iPad. I had hoped LiveScribe 3 would be a tool to let me do this. I am not having the best luck though. 


Poor handwriting aside, it seems to send the notes to Evernote just fine. There is all this talk about how the handwritten notes are searchable tin Evernote...but I am not finding that to be true at all. Ideally I would like the notes to be as TEXT in Evernote and not had written. 


Can anyone help me check to make sure how I have things set up is the correct way o get the notes into Evernote and have them searchable? 

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Hi Duc Hunter


Did you get any feedback on this and / or would you share your own experiences?


Thinking of getting a livescribe 3 for excatly the reasons you said but it's an expensive bit of kit if it doesn't do the handwriting to text bit well.


Thanks in advance



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