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FEATURE REQUEST: Saved Search link into a Note



Be able to add Saved Search link into a note in the manner we already paste a note private link.

This would bring another dimension to Evernote ;)

I believe this should not be a huge effort since it is already possible to add Saved Search link into the Shortcuts bar.

This is already a huge feature that allowed me to build a todo app into Evernote that matches my GTD system. This has proven the versatility of Evernote.

This new feature would help me into my daily/weekly review on my iphone, because there the shortcuts bar is not visible as I'm browsing through my notes.

I believe many use cases may rise with such feature, just as it actually did when it was made possible to link notes into notes.

Of course this make sense to have it on every devices/plateform.


I hope this small contribution will help Evernote on becoming an even better product that it already is :-)

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