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Android Grid Wigdets doesn't take the photos I took into the note

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I am using the grid widget to take photos of documents. So I tried several times to take multiple photos in a row with the app. Every try it crashes around the 10th picture by just switching to the note view for filling in the name, tags and so on. Unfortunately the pictures are not getting taken with into the note, so it's always an empty note. 


Usually I have to confirm, that I am done with taking pictures. But it switches without me taking any action except shooting the pics. 


The documents I want to scan are just around 3 inch by 5 inch. So not so big.


Information about the Hardware (log out of Evernote):


IsTablet: false
Locale: de_AT
Service: https://www.evernote.com
Package: com.evernote
Brand: oneplus
Model: A0001
Network operator: 23203 / T-Mobile A
Android version: 4.4.4
Evernote version:
Evernote revision: AM_632_297
Evernote type: public
Internal storage: 23 GB / 54 GB
External storage: 23 GB / 54 GB
Auto Sync Enabled: true
Master Sync Enabled: true
Sync Interval: NOT SET


Exception: null
Date: Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014
Type: Note
Guid: a41815c9-5284-4810-92d4-e8071072931c
Count: 0

Logs are attached.
Thanks for any advice, 
br Mike


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no response?


It happens again and again with different documents. How can I use it as a document repository if that comfortable way doesn't work?


I pay for a premium account, maybe someone could look into it!




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