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shortened notes - what is going on?



Hi there I have looked at some discussions and don't really see a solution.


I copy an email and make a new note and paste in the email. I can only see the first few lines in Evernote. Why is that? Is that intentional? No mattes what I do all I see is the first few lines though some of my older notes seem to display correctly.


btw, as others have said, this renders Evernote 100% completely useless. Its one of the ways I keep TV shows and films I am working on organized across all my devices. I am running the most recent version of software (6.0.5) so though it seems like it was fixed back in 5.x it sure doesn't work now. I have tried this on my laptop but the doc is also not visible in my iPhone etc.



Evernote is a great application, though unfortunately it seems it is not as stable now as it once was. This jus an app that is incredibly fast and flexible to use…but not if it doesn't work anymore.


Please let me know how to solve this problem. I don't really have time for this. I expect it to work, which is not an unreasonable expectation.


Thank you…eli

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ok I figured it pout.


BAD INTERFACE DESIGN is the answer. I was copying and pasting into the header. Unfortunately the Evernote designers decided to ruin what was a perfectly good interface so that they went along with apple's flat monochrome look.


Now you can't see things quickly (like the header box - it's not really there but yet it is !) so I was pasting the notes into the header by mistake.


Just a perfect example of how bad design gets in the way of user experience !


Hope this helps someone else.




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