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Web Beta Suggestions



Its very visualy pleasing. but I have some uggestions


I am using firefox v.36.0a2



  1. There does not appear to be a way to insert and delete columns and rows on tables -- There should be away to do this
  2. If I highlight a table row (multiple cells ) the formating only applies to the first cell I selected -- the formatting should apply to all the selected cells
  3. If I add a table as the first element of my note, If I wan't to put something below it on the note I cannot.-- there should be a mandatory blank line befor and after a table to you can edit around it.
  4. When I highlight multiple lines and try to add the checkbox, it deletes the content rather than putting the checkbox on the before each line like bullets and numbers -- Applying checkboxes should work like bullets and numbers
  5. When I check a checkbox the format ribbon comes up -- this shouldn't happen
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