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Poor performance with tables



I am currently running 6.0.4 beta2 on Yosemite (MBP 2011 with SSD) but this issue has existed in each version of 6. 


Performance of Evernote when editing a table becomes unusably slow if the table gets beyond, roughly 15-20 rows.


Keyboard input takes .5-1 second to be displayed. Scrolling does not seem to be impacted. 


I've seen other posts regarding performance issues in EV6.  I haven't noticed issues except when using tables. 


When this is occurring, CPU utlization for EV spikes a little (up to 50%) but RAM use stays steady at less than 300 MB.


A typical table for me will have 2-3 columns.  I often will use bullet lists within a table.  This seems to exacerbate the issue.


Forgive me if this has been reported previously.  I did not find it when searching.


Please let me know if there's any additional information I could provide.

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