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Deleted EN shortcut from Desktop. Not finding EN in programs ------PROBLEM IS SOLVED.


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Hi, I use win vista in my laptop and have been using EN for the past 2yrs. All my notebooks (around 1000) are local/non syncronised notebooks,

exept one. I cleared up my desktop shortcuts and went to programes to open evernote. The evernote folder says empty. I have two questions.


1. I have been using evernote 4.6. When checking the control panel, i find EN 4.6 installed. So the program is not uninstalled. Should I reinstall the program?


2. Since I have stored all my notebooks in local storage, where can I find them?


Thanks for the help.






I found the file in program files and retrived the icon. I still do not know why the win startup says empty. But other wise, the PROBLEM IS SOLVED. Thanks for all your time.



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