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Feature Request: Allow user control of Sidebar colors on Mac





I use Evernote on my Windows PC, Mac, and iOS devices. I like it a lot.  In general, it works very well for me.

The cross platform support and syncing allow me to keep information up to date across devices.  Nice!


I am visually impaired enough to be legally blind.  Colors and fonts are important to the low vision community.


The Windows, iPhone and IPad versions of Evernote have a single color scheme, with the Sidebar and Notes both

using black characters on a white background.  I change this to white chars on black background 'cause that is more readable for me.

The iOS platforms allow me to choose color schemes -- all of which use the same colors for Sidebar and notes...


The Mac app however has a Sidebar that uses white chars on a black background that is REALLY hard to read.  My request is simple; Either

change the Mac app to provide a consistent user interface over all devices, or at least give me a View > Sidebar Option sub-menu

option that will allow me to choose a color scheme that matches the rest of the app (same color for all fonts, and same color for all backgrounds.)


Many thanks to the Evernote team for considering such a request.


Long term, I'd like to see Evernote support Accessibility on iOS devices.  Specifically, that means Voice Over.  But that is a conversation

for another day...




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