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REQUEST: Top Level group or 2 level hierarchy of stacks

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I hate to open a old topic but it really is needed.

I would really  like to add sub-stacks (2 level  hierarchy of stacks)

Even if its not a Stack at the high level it’s a Group that I can put a stack or a few stacks under.
Right now it’s a long list of Stacks, when I could get it down to a small list of 7 or 8
Each of the stack.

Example Top Level
MyBizs -> Accounting (stack) -> Taxes(Stack) ->Notes
MyBizs -> Accounting (stack) -> Payroll(Stack) ->Notes
MyBizs -> technology (stack) -> WebsiteInfo(Stack) ->Notes
MyBizs -> technology (stack) -> Networking (Stack) ->Notes
MyBizs -> Sales (Stack) ->Products (Stack-> notes
MyBizs -> Sales (Stack) ->Services(Stack) -> notes
Personal -> Home (Stack) -> projects(stack) -> notes
Personal -> Money(stack) -> Budget (Stack) -> notes
School -> KidsSchool (Stack) -> Davy (Stack) -> notes
School -> KidsSchool (Stack) -> Jenny (Stack) -> notes
Toys-> CAR (Stack) -> jeep (Stack) -> notes
Toys-> CAR (Stack) -> Ion (Stack) -> notes
Toys-> Bike(Stack) -> JimsDirtbike (Stack) -> notes

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