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Feature request: change font in note list

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I keep hoping that this feature will magically appear in one of the updates, and I'm pretty surprised that people don't ask for it all the time.


I'd like to be able to set the font in the note list.  More specifically, I'd like to use a fixed-width font in the note list.  Even if that font choice affected everything (notebook names, tag lists, etc.), I'd still use a fixed-width font.


The vast majority of my notes are receipts.  They're all titled "YYYYMMDD ++++$$$$ Payee" so that they sort by date and the pseudo-columns line up:

20111221 ++++1621 Kroger
20111221 ++++2911 Popeye's
20111223 +++++428 Walmart


I chose to use the "+" character for padding because it's an average width and it's on the 10-key pad.  The width wouldn't matter with a fixed-width font.  Even so, you can see that the pseudo-columns aren't straight, but paste that into some other application and display it with a fixed-width font and they're perfectly straight.


(As a side note, I used to enter the amounts as "++++16.21" but then I realized I couldn't find receipts by their amounts because the "." throws the search off, so I had to manually edit hundreds of notes to remove the decimals.)


In general, this is close enough, but compare

20111111 +++++111 Lou's Diner


19991030 ++999999 Albertson's

and you can see that it can make a big difference.


I'm primarily using the Windows Evernote app but I don't think this is an option on the other versions I use, either.




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