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Inconsistent pdf behaviour

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This isn't a "how do you attach pdf files" question.. more on the result of doing so..


I use the Windows app, the Android app on tablet and phone.. I use Android phone document scanning and I use a fujitsu scanner that scans directly into Evernote either as a note or as a pdf.


My point is that the resulting files, and the way you access them should be consistent in all usage scenarios.. and they are not.. In the sense that sometims they display in the note.. sometimes they are attachments that you have to open, and the interaction with Skitch doesn't always help..


A file scaned in using the phone scanning app shows (usually brilliantly well) as a graphic I can see immediately.. both in the mobile and PC formats.. this is perhaps the gold standard and why it irks that everything is not like this..


Obviously, in Premium, contents can be searched also..


If a file is added .. you have the option not to view as an attachment in Windows (and Mac I assume) but you cannot do this in Android.. it only shows as an attachment..


Then if you have Skitch installed.. you can open the file, click done.. and a new note is saved..


..which now *does* show the file content in the note window (as it is now a Skitch graphic) .. but shows in the note list as a Sitch icon.. wheras the initial note appears as a pdf thumbnail..


Worse.. the new file now doesn't appear in the list of notes in the Windows App.. and I didn't want two versions of the file in any case..



It seems to me that Skitch *could* be used in Android to automatically re-render the pdf file as a graphic so you can instantly see the contents (this would be the same as unchecking the "view as attachment" option in windows.. Evernote is internally rendering the pdf file)


But unless I'm missing something.. this isn't possible..

and given I deal with lots of docs from different sources, and interact with them on different devices.. it is hugely annoying that I don't get the same experience with them, given the cross-platform nature of Evernote...


I acknowledge that the level of annoyance is testament to all the important stuff that Evernote does fantastically well... but it's annoying none the less..





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