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Storage Location for Contents in Evernote Menu Bar Helper



I often use the Evernote menu bar Helper to log random thoughts, info, etc. throughout the day – basically as a quick GTD inbox. Normally I'll process through it once or twice a day, but sometimes the contents will remain there for a day or two before I get to it. I've noticed that even after a restart of my Mac, the contents still remain in the Helper content area, telling me they are stored somewhere on my Mac.


This week I moved from the Mac AppStore version of Evernote to the regular one downloaded from the website. Foolishly, I did not process the contents I'd left in the Helper before deleting the AppStore version. Upon installing the website version, I lost the content I had entered there and not yet processed.


Here's my question... where is that content stored on the Mac until it is either deleted or saved to Evernote? Is there any possibility I could go back to a Time Machine backup and recover it somewhere?


Hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance!


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