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Notes from web clipper not completely shown on startup


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Problem Details:


    Notes clipped from web using the Chrome extension web-clipper appears like this when I open it the first time.



After about 30 sec, everything goes normal.



And it will not appear again until I quit and start Evernote.


This is just an example. In fact, every note I clipped behaves like this, and when one of them appears normal, the others become normal too.


This phenomenon can be easily replayed by just restarting Evernote. I don't know whether this is caused by Evernote Web-clipper or Evernote itself, but I decided to post it here.


HW & SW information:

Evernote version: Public

Platform: Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

Chrome version: 37.0.2062.124 m

Evernote Web-Clipper version: 6.2.6 (5e9ac9e/


Actually this problem has been shown quite a long time, but no updates ever solve it.

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