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My only request is to keep the current logical "Tree View" of Stacks / Notebooks with a middle viewing pane for Notes, and the editing pane on the right - as a View Option when you roll out the new Evernote.


I believe a relatively large percentage of your user base chooses your service because of the current interface - this is what made Evernote successful, and a standard - in a world of simplistic cloud-based UI design. The current general tendency is to move away from a folder view to a search focused interface, however there are still many left-brained users who find at-a-glance visual organization with hierarchies the best, or the only way to make sense of their information. Also, smaller icons give you a better overview of your data. Microsoft was wise in offering the flexibility to their user base to roll back to the traditional view in Windows should they prefer it.


Minimalism and cleanliness is good, but functionality (however our minds work) should remain for all users.


- Thank you for developing a great service and keeping my life organized.

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