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Type While Walk

vinay shah

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Now no more goofing up on typing when you are walking! How? You can now easily type messages, read and send images and messages while walking to your destination without messing up with traffic on road or street! We have come up with a unique and innovative concept of offering an application that has a high resolution camera to capture the ambience and happenings surrounding you while you are on your way and simultaneously wish to use your mobile too for typing!

Core Features
This is a power-pack app with various useful features to rely upon:
Sleek Design – The design is undoubtedly unmatched, user-friendly and elegant!
Orientation Independent – It works well in horizontal as well as vertical orientation as it has two modes portrait and landscape due to its orientation independence!
Transparent Screen and Keyboard – Due to camera view throughout, the screen and keyboard remain transparent!
Toggle Camera View – Camera can be switched off in case you are stationed and still want to use the app.
Improved Color Picker – The new improved color picker helps you write messages in your preferred colors.
Open/Copy/Delete Messages – All these functions are easily performed using his app and you can chat with the person directly you want to by opening the entire conversation section!
Message History - You can view and send messages to recent three contacts or can also select from the contact list.
Notification Options – You can switch on or off the notification for incoming messages.
Multiple Language Support – This app supports multiple languages i.e., Spain, French, Russian, German etc.
Copy Text to Clipboard – You can copy and paste the message to clipboard or anywhere in your mobile.
Conversion of Text to Audio and Vice Versa – You can convert the text message to voice and voice to text message and can listen the message instead of reading the text or vice versa. During this process the suggestion box will help you select the right word and help save time to type the complete word.
Capture Image and Share – You can snap photos and share it through Facebook, WhatsApp and other installed social media platforms. In addition, you can also share messages on these platforms.
Character Count - This feature allows you to know the length of your message before sending it.
Share and Start – Starting of app is possible by simply shaking your device, which can be disabled from the setting.
Other Features: Some other features include improved and smiley keyboard, font size selection and toggling of camera position i.e., front or rear.

Value to Users
This application will enable you perform two task at a time – sending/receiving messages and concentrating on the path ahead. You will not require sparing time to send and receive messages as this can be done while walking thus saves time if you are busy enough to interact with your friends!
This is a time saving app with multitude of functionalities to help you stay connected with your near and dear ones effortlessly without creating any mess while you walk.


In App purchase feature
• 5 More Keyboard Colors
• Change Font Style of Message Boxes
• Stop Ads
• Change Static Background When Camera is Off


Follow Us
Google Plus:https://plus.google.com/112140594244851181396/
Linked In:http://www.linkedin.com/company/type-while-walk


Download links:


Android :  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.biztech.typewhilewalk

iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/type-while-walk/id721584816


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