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Search feature request and a bug

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There are 2 searches in Evernote:

1. In the main application window there is a search box at top right.

2. When you open a note in its own window and press Control-F, a search box appears on bottom left.


These 2 are not linked. So if you search for XYZ in the main app, the list of notes will shorten to those containing XYZ. If you click on any of these notes, the preview pane will focus on first occurrence of XYZ in selected note, which is nice.


However, if XYZ occurs multiple times in a long note, then you will need to open the note in its own window. It seems that the focus is still on XYZ in new window, which is good. However, if you maximize the window, the focus disappears - not so good. So you have to press Control-F again because the search here lets you click through multiple occurrences of the search item. However, the search box is empty, so you have to type in the search again - not nice again. The search criteria from the main window should have been passed into the note window's search box.


Additionally, I find that the main application's search is able to search within images, even images of handwritten words - very impressive. However, the search of the individual note window will fail to find the same handwritten text within the same note and will declare No matches found.


Hope you can fix this!

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