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How to attach photos

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I'm using evernote on my Android phone.

I used to be able to attach photos directly Frm my photo album.

Unfortunately I accidently set ' my drive' as the default picture location. So now, when I'm in a new note and try to attach a picture, it only allows me to select 'picture' frm My Drive and not frm my photo album. I can't seem to find the options that allows me to change back the setting .

Need help. Thanx

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Yeah I could see picture/files etc..

I clicked on 'pictures', and an option box came out. I accidentally clicked on 'my drive' as the source of the pic and also ' always'.

So now, everytime I want to attach a picture Frm my photo album,i can't as evernote will only let my choose the file from 'my drive' and not 'photo Album'.

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If you touch the logo "Drive" in the upper left corner, are you able to switch to a different source?



  • Create Note
  • Click in the upper right corner the "+" symbol
  • Choose "Picture"
  • Click on the logo
  • Select different source 




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