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Feature request: View only annotations inline




It would be awesome if there was an option that allows to see only the annotation preview inline on a note. This could be a 3rd option, in addition to "View as attachment" & "View inline"


Often times when researching a particular subject, I read through and annotate multiple PDF's that are dozens of pages long. While I like having the overview of each pdf, it can get quite frustrating to scroll down a lot to see the next file.



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I would like to up-vote this request. I have started trialing Evernote also for work-related stuff recently, and I often use annotation just to pull out some parts of the document. The annotations summary Skitch/Evernote creates is a really helpful thing, however with several PDFs in one note, the note is cluttered with 100s of pages I don't really want / need to see. It's not possible to scroll / navigate such note, and I end up putting in a screenshot of the annotations summary, and choosing "View as attachment" for the attachment itself. (Not a very good workaround, but best I could think of for the time being).

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