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Evernote should buy Pocket. Period.

Marcus Tan

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I have been using evernote for years to save articles I like from the web. Clearly works well if you are using desktop but on mobile, nothing as good as pocket. The thing about pocket is, I don't have to format anything to have the article comfortable and beautiful to read.


I also reject the idea of posting to evernote from pocket, an extra step * thousands of articles down the road! The option of saving to evernote directly does not work as neat when you are working from mobile devices.


I now change my habit to saving articles to pocket. Archiving it there is a much more pleasant experience. I hope it becomes a part of evernote though. Some point down the road, I would like to decide which premium is more worthwhile as paying for both does not seem to make sense, especially when some functions seem to overlap. All evernote has to do, is to make our reading experience better. 

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