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(Archived) Superscript and Subscript

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Hi all. I've been using EverNote for a few weeks now, over the summer to prep for medical starting. Well, it started, and I really like using EverNote to take notes in class on my Mac, and have those notes available on my PC at home, and on my iPhone. Yay. But, I noticed this week that there is no superscript or subscript options or functionality IN EverNote. I do not want to type in something else and paste into EN -- I don't have time for that, medical school is a firehose of information. So, I've switched back to using W0rd.

I would definitely buy me a premium copy of EverNote, though, if superscript/subscript worked (as it does in Word, with command-= or command-+) ...

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Not really ... I can't write things like pKa (a is the subscript) or 10^9 (9 is the subscript) or quickly write CH3CH2(CH2)7OO- (where the numbers are all subscripts and the negative is a superscript). Chemistry is very demanding of superscripts and subscripts.

But thanks!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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