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(Archived) Any edit to existing note removes formatting

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I have an issue with formatting being removed/altered in documents edited in other ways on the Pre. I add a note copied from a webpage within Evernote in Windows or Mac- its synced. When I view the note on the Pre the formatting is mangled aka breaks removed, spacing, alignment, etc all removed and I see one huge paragraph of text. But if I were to view the same note in mac/win it looks fine in the original formatting. But if I go to add a tag to the document via the Pre and do not alter the note content at all, Evernote saves the note in the Pre mangled format and it looks like a clump of text in the other versions(mac/win). This kinda cripples Evernote on the Pre and makes it only a simple text viewer. Anyone run into this problem?

I've similarly had issues with web links in notes. I have saved 10-20 links in a note and when I read it in the Pre the links are written vertically in the note instead of left to right.

**edit just saw that the formatting (simple breaks and tabs) is being removed in windows too :? :)

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