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Problem of evernote in virtualbox

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I'm a linux user, so I using the evernote web client on brower usually.


Today, I want to reorganize my evernote, so I try to install evernote in virtualbox.


But I'm meeting some problems.


The first one is that the install of evernote is always fail, when it tries to contact server.




Secend, when I try to connect evernote web client on brower in virtualbox, It also has some error.




That's chinese message, it means `Communication error, please wait for re-connection. [Reload website]'.



Because the web client in linux is ok, and other website in virtualbox is also ok, so if it's possible that evernote in virtualbox has some problem?


Has anyone ever run evernote sucess in virtualbox?


Below list my system version:

Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon 64-bit

VirtualBox 4.3.0 r89960

Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 32-bit (run in virtual box)




Thank you a lot.

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