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Feature Requests from a Developer (and some bugs)



I am a developer (not of Evernote plug-ins/apps, but just in general) and use Evernote to store lists of server instructions, handy snippets and more. I find it frustrating for several reasons.

  1. If I copy from a note and paste within the same note in the Evernote app, why does the font change? If the source is in Andale Mono it always pastes as Arial yet this is not the same if I copy from a different app into Evernote.
  2. Bullets can get confused - if you have a bulleted list of items and create a new item in the middle (by pressing Return at the end of a line). Press return again to exit the list mode. Press backspace, you now have a gap between the two original list items. Press delete and the next item joins the current one, press return and now there is a gap between item 2 and item 3. Sometimes this happens in response to other actions and it gets hard to fix.
  3. Something recently changed when copying bulleted list items and pasting into another app. I use bulleted lists (in Andale Mono) to store lists of server instructions - so I copy each list item and then paste into Terminal (iTerm2). This used to work just fine but now the clipboard contains strange characters and also the newline/carriage-return so I just get errors on terminal.
    eg - the paste inserts 2 newlines then 3 spaces then asterisk then space then the actual line I want then a newline. This doesn't happen if I don't use a list but then I have to insert a blank line between each entry to ensure I know where the line starts and stops (so I copy the whole line). This unwanted effect also means I can't copy and paste multiple lines into the terminal.
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