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(Archived) Sharing Notes / Assigning Notes to Multiple Notebooks

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I've just discovered Evernote and am finding my way round. Have to say, it's pretty impressive. I'm more than a little in love with it after just 24 hours.

I do have a couple of questions though. I've had a browse round the knowledge base and forum, and haven't found answers there, so here goes:

I see that I can share whole notebooks. And that in future it may be possible to do that without making the notebook publicly available. This is all great! But what if I've created a whole notebook of research on a particular topic, and then want to share *some* of the notes within it, with selected colleagues. Thinking around this, I was wondering if I could:

- share individual notes on the basis of their tags (then I could tag the notes for sharing with, for example, "share", and everything else would be private by default)

- assign notes to more than one notebook. this would let me create notebooks for sharing, which could contain selected notes from my private notebooks.

Are any of these things possible at the moment? And if not, are they likely to be added at any point?

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As far as I know, neither of these things are possible yet, but on the last podcast they mentioned that this is just the start for sharing, and more is on the way (but they didn't mention any specifics. I do like your tagging idea in particular). Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, though.

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