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Foxit Typewriter text not appearing in Evernote Mobile App

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Hello everyone. I did my best to search the forums for anyone having my exact problem, but was unfortunately unable to find a solution to my issue.


Essentially, I have a paper form that I scanned to pdf.  This is a non-editable pdf, so I am using the Foxit typewriter tool to add text into the form boxes by hand.  I save the pdf, upload to Evernote. Everything is fine. Foxit Typerwriter text is appearing just fine in Evernote on my PC, regardless of the tool I use to view the pdf.


However, when I open the same pdf through my iOS mobile Evernote app, all I am seeing is the blank form. The typewriter text I added does not seem to be there.


I can print the document, text is there.  I simply cannot view the typerwriter text when viewing the pdf in the mobile app.


I can workaround this by printing the form, scanning it again and reuploading it to Evernote, but obviously thats not ideal.


Has anyone else had this problem?  Feel free to move this topic if I posted in the wrong forum. Thank you in advance.


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