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Thanks.  Yes, I am using 5.5.1.  Odd, I did something very similar just an hour ago, or so I thought, but the menu option that appeared offered to move items to a notebook, or to email, merge, etc.  The Create Table of Contents note option was definitely not there.  But it is now.  Thanks for whatever you did...  

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I assure you my powers are to Merlin's as my cat's are to me.


Next Q: What determines the order of the ToC?

A: the order of the selected Notes when you click the "Create ToC" button.


If you want them alphabetized, alphabetize the Notes.  And so on.


The easiest way to reorder the Notes in the currently selected container is to switch to Top List View (I created a key-chord macro that does this) and click/click-again the column header tiles.  Right-click any header tile to bring up the list of available columns.  I suggest adding all of them to Top List View.  (Side List View has it's own saved settings.)

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