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Is it possible to disable or edit shortcuts in the Mac client?



I keep a lot of notes in foreign languages which extensively use symbols such as hacek (ǒ), grave (ò) and circumflex (ô).  The problem for me is that circumflex is typed by hitting 'Option' + 6 on a Mac keyboard.  This however is perilously close to 'Command + 6' which to me is a totally useless shortcut that I NEVER use that merely just takes me to the first note in the 'all notes' view.  It does so however at the expense of NOT saving any changes I have been working on such that I have to try to remember to 'Sync' after every few keystrokes unless I want this useless shortcut to take me out of my note, without saving!!  If shortcuts will do that I would AT LEAST expect a 'Save changes before exiting' prompt.  Failing that, can we at leaf have the facility to disable shortcuts.


I saw a thread related to this but it's talking about the 'Web Clipper' which I think is a different issue.


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Strange. Several points:

1)In my keyboard setup, circumflex is option-i. What input source are you using?

2)Command-6 should take you to the 6th shortcut in the sidebar, not the top of ‘all notes’. If you just make sure you have 5 or fewer shortcuts, then cmd-6 won’t do anything.

3)Switching to a different note should not cause you to lose everything you’ve typed. You should be able to go back to the note you were in and keep typing. We don’t delete everything that hasn’t been synced. If this is what’s happening, you’re hitting a bug. Please report this to support.

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