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LOST! Default Evernote Address & Inbox ; Only .dll shows up!


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I hope I'm in the right place...

I have a LARGE Problem which I hope someone smarter than me can solve....

I have LOTS of notes in Evernote, Lots of notebooks as well. 

On the desktop Inbox(notes) all the email I forward from my Gmail account is showing up as a .dll file and has a gear and blank space

This occurred after attempting to reorganize my Evernote structure to a more manageable style

I have ALWAYS been able to forward email to my Evernote account, then send it to the appropriate notebook,etc.

A message to support--ticket no 427564--says that they will email me with a suggestion for fixing...so far no email...but then how do I know ?

 Now, I can receive email to the Notes section ON THE WEB, but can't read it on the desktop app.

I uninstalled,reinstalled the latest Evernote version without change. The support person said it could be on the email side but since there has never been an issue before and I have changed nothing in the way things were set up, I don't think so.

 After all this time you'd think I could fix this, but I can't. I have a SHORTCUT section above my notebooks, I'd like the INCOMING MAIL to be the first thing I see when I open Evernote.  Can someone please send me a pic of how you organize YOUR structure or suggest a fix? I really need to be able to use the desktop app DAILY! Email is babsbabsbabs@m.evernote.com. I'm a Premium user.

 Please don't send a nasty note if this is in the wrong place...there doesn't seem to be a just right place for this kind of thing..... 

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